30-Year Obsession: Unlocking Profits Made Happier

Fueled by Passion. Driven by Obsession. 

Discover how RareBrain evolved over three decades to optimize companies for efficient results.

30 Years Ago

The Genesis: A Quest for Easier

In a world weighed down by exhaustion and outcomes, our founder posed a revolutionary question:

How Can We Do Less With Less to Do More?

Thus, the "Rare Brain Obsession" was born—an unwavering dedication that laid the foundation for the RareBrain Institute's quest for Higher Profits Made Happier.

20 Years Ago

The Creation of rarebrainOS®

Embracing the "Higher Profits Made Happier" philosophy, we embarked on a collaborative journey to create rarebrainOS®—a visionary system empowering leaders and teams across industries to optimize organizations for efficient results, saving time, money, effort, and stress.

15 Years Ago

Crafting the Blueprint For Organizational and Stakeholder Value

We meticulously crafted a comprehensive organizational and stakeholder value blueprint through in-depth research across lifecycle stages.

In 2012, these insights materialized in our founder's groundbreaking book, "Exit Bomb," offering a comprehensive blueprint of profit gaps and valuation leaks.

The discrepancy between aspirations and achievements renders 80% of small businesses unsalable and leaves 70% of family businesses trapped.

10 Years Ago

Crafting the TransformationSuite For Higher Profits Made Happier

This period marked a pivotal moment as we aligned the institute with the development of specialized toolsets. These tools were designed to cut wasted effort, unlock flow, and expedite the process of making organizations more valuable.

By harnessing the creativity of innovative thinkers, the determination of teams, and the wisdom of industry experts, we evolved rarebrainOS®, NOW! Toolkits, and Our Transformation Suite.

The evidence of our success lies in our multi-year case studies—these videos showcase real transformations, highlighting our commitment to delivering consistent, lasting results.

5 Years Ago: 

Evolution Across Industries

✅  We field-tested and evolved strategies across sectors, from services to manufacturing, to achieve higher profits made happier.

✅  Our top-down approach ensured tailored strategies for each industry, aligning with leaders' visions.

✅  We optimized processes to reduce wasted effort, creating environments where success benefits both profits and people.

✅  As pioneers, we challenged norms, driving innovation towards a future of higher profits made happier.


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