Hidden Profits Blueprint: 1-Day Instant Impact Workshop

Transform Wasted Effort Into Immediate Savings of Time and Money! 

Safeguard Your Business from Payroll Leaks, Operational Waste, and Execution Drain to Combat Rising Costs and Shrinking Margins 

Here is Why You Are Losing 20%-50% of Revenue to Hidden Waste

Labor + Operations Costs = 80+% Budget

80+% of Work = NO Value

20% of Work = 80% Value

Avg. Worker Wastes 5 Hrs 37mins Daily

How About Your Percentage?

 How's Your Company Faring?

What About Your Business?

How Much Will You Save?

Uncover How You and Your Team Can Prevent These Profit Leaks! Blueprint Where Your Business Is Losing Money, How Much, and Why – Before It's Too Late.


By the End of This 1-Day Workshop, You Will:



Gain a New Human Perspective that will transform your business.

Visualize Payroll Leaks in your organization



Recognize Margin Drain and implement strategies to address it.

Develop a Practical Blueprint to effectively repair these leaks



Gain Crucial Insights for sustainable growth through enhanced profitability and resource management.

Unlock Hidden Profits and create a solid foundation for your business's success.

And that’s just the start...

You Can't Afford Payroll leaks and Wasted impact If Your Company Faces These Challenges:

Declining Margins 

Competitive Pressures

Exhausted Workers

Increasing Costs

Resource Wastage

Performance Issues

Cashflow/Budget Stress 

Ops or Capacity Issues

Customer Attrition

What Does Stopping Payroll Leaks Look Like?

Learn the Skills That This Team Did and Transform Your Company Now

No Matter If Your Company is Struggling or Thriving, You Can't Afford to Miss This Workshop

And Time is Running Out to Take Action on This Inaugural Offer

If you're looking to boost cash, margins, profits, and impact in your company, this workshop is a must for you and your leadership team

Workshop Overview

 Visualize your company's payroll leaks, operations waste, and execution drain. Blueprint your business leaks to reach your business objectives years earlier


1-Day Live Online Workshop Dates

Each License – Normally $9995 Each

Today's Exclusive Deal:

I License - Just $1628

2-4 Licenses $1528 each

5 Licenses $1350 each

10 Licenses $1299 each

Invest in Your Leadership Team for Best Results. Reclaim Profits Now!

December 6, 2023: 8am-3pm PT

Can't Attend? Recordings and Tools Included. Take Your Time!


What's Included:

Workshop License/s

Workshop Tools & Materials

Plus Today's Bonus: $6290

18-Month Access

Pre-Order Today to Get Lifetime Access & Revisit As Needed

January 10, 2024: 8am-3pm PT

Roadmap to End Payroll Leaks, Operations Waste, and Execution Drain

Section One

Section Two

Visualize Strategic Drain for Maximum Efficiency

Reimagine Your Organization as a Living Flow

Section Three

Section Four

Visualize Structural Leaks for Sustainable Growth

Visualize Payroll Waste for Substantial Savings

Section Five

Section Six

Visualize Margin Drain to Protect Profitability

Visualize Operational Waste for Smoother Workflows

Section Seven

Section Eight

Visualize Performance Leaks for Peak Potential

Visualize Impact Loss for Results Years Earlier

What's Unique About This Workshop:

See & Transform

Act & Thrive

Map & Optimize

Learn to see your business as a living organism, fueled by the flow of value driven by payroll and human effort.

Discover payroll leaks, operational waste, and execution drain to unleash potential 

Get immediate, transformative impact through valuable insights, expert guidance, and a ready-to-use blueprint

Benefit from decades of RareBrain's expertise and real-world insights, ensuring your journey to success.

Who Should Attend the Workshop:

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs seeking to propel growth and maximize value

Organizations seeking to improve performance and capacity

CEOs and Executives seeking to enhance their strategic thinking and fast-track results

Private Equity & Venture Investors seeking to turnaround or enhance investments 

Managers and Team Leaders responsible for ensuring teams align with business goals

Family Offices looking to boost portfolio returns and reduce operational risk

Irrespective of your role or industry, the Hidden Profits Blueprint Workshop empowers you to boost efficiency and reduce waste. Join us to unlock your business's full potential!

Limited Availability. Act Fast

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These bonuses are the difference-makers you've been waiting for

Bonus 1: $995 Value

Fix Cash Flow Now Toolkit

Master your cash flow and boost financial stability with this essential toolkit

Bonus 2: $2450 Value

Fix Production Costs Now Toolkit

Slash production costs, optimize manufacturing expenses, and increase margins efficiently

Bonus 3: $1950 Value

Fix Labor Cost Now Toolkit

Optimize workforce efficiency and reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality

Bonus 4: $895 Value

Lifetime Access 

Gain lifetime access to our workshop and bonus tools for maximum success

Meet the Expert Behind the Workshop

👍 He Dislikes Wasting Time, BS Activities & Not Creating Value.

Gower Idrees, CM&AA®, CFP™, CEPA™

-CEO, RareBrain Institute | RareBrain M&A

-Author Exit Bomb® & The Human Way to Stop Payroll Leaks

-Nationally Recognized Growth and M&A Expert

-Lifelong Entrepreneur | Past-President EO-Houston

By harnessing his expertise, companies have witnessed remarkable transformations, reaping substantial growth in revenue and profit with a lot less effort and much happier employees.

Here is why you'll find his expertise invaluable:

  • Has personally built companies and led numerous turnarounds and knows full well the many challenges you may be facing.
  • Has "Scale" to "Sale' Business Expertise to help you minimize margin drain, payroll leaks, operational waste and valuation loss.
  •  Has trained thousands of leaders and advised some of America’s fastest-growing companies to help you unlock your company's hidden potential.

Publication details

Act Now! Will Sell Out

What Does Growing Profits Look Like?

Learn the Skills That This Team Did and Transform Your Profits Now

Our Teachings Train Leaders Across Industries, Company Types, and Sizes

Learn How Our Clients Across Sectors Found Their Path to Success and So Can You!

Your Investment Is Fully Guaranteed

✔ Obviously we can’t guarantee your success. No one can. But here’s what we can do. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll send you a prompt refund. Note: Refunds are unavailable within one week of the scheduled workshop date.
✔ In other words, you risk nothing. Either your investment is covered in 14 days, or you cancel and pay nothing. It’s as simple as that. You have nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain. 


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✔ If after you invest today, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know within 14 days of purchase and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

Here is What You Will Get

One License to the Hidden Profits: 1-Day Business Cost Savings Blueprint Workshop

Workshop Tools & Materials to help you accelerate results

Bonus 1: $995 Value

Fix Cash Flow Now Toolkit

Bonus 2: $2450 Value

Fix Production Costs Now Toolkit

Bonus 3: $1950 Value

Fix Labor Cost Now Toolkit

Bonus 4: $895 Value

Lifetime Access


Limited time offer. Only 7 slots are available.

Here's Why You Must Book NOW:

Time is Money: Every day you delay is another day of potential revenue and profitability lost. Stop revenue leakage in its tracks. Take action and secure your profits.

Long-Term Growth: By blueprinting 

leaks in your business, you're not only addressing current issues but also future-proofing your company.

Immediate Impact: Our workshop provides actionable strategies for swift, tangible business improvements, helping you quickly recoup your investment

Maximize ROI: Unlock long-term efficiency-based savings by eradicating money leaks, ensuring a sustained return on your investment

Limited Availability: Our workshops fill up quickly, and seats are limited. Secure your spot now to avoid missing out.

Follow the Blueprint to Success Across Industries. Join Our Clients in Achieving Your Business Goals!


In Case You're Wondering

Do you guarantee results?

 What is my time commitment?

There aren't any silver bullets or guaranteed results. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires commitment, focus, and perseverance.

You should plan to commit at least 1 day. The program is designed to help you leverage your available time to create the highest impact, without it getting in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Can I get a refund?

Why is this training different?

Yes. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you're not 100% satisfied, please inform us, and we'll process your refund. Note: Refunds are unavailable within one week of the scheduled workshop date.

This workshop stands out by taking a hands-on approach, helping you actively "See, Map, and Act" to uncover hidden profits. You'll gain practical insights and tools to immediately improve your business's performance.

What size company is this training ideal for?

 Is there a payment plan?

Any sized small business can benefit from this training but it is ideal for companies with $1Million+ in revenues.

Payment plans are available through Paypal Credit. Simply pick Paypal as your payment method during checkout.


Join Our Clients in Improving Margins and Profits!

Stop Payroll Leaks, Operational Waste, and Execution Drain to Create Instant Impact, Supercharge Profits, and Accelerate Growth. We provide Expert-Guided Workshops, Intensives, Immediate Impact Strategists, powered by our Years Earlier Transformation Suite® and NOW Toolkits® to Minimize Waste, Boost Margins, and Expand Capacity.

🛠️ Here's how it works: 1. Visualize the Wasted Effort 2. Map the Leaks 3. Activate the Savings 

🎯Discover Where Your Business Leaks Money, and Learn How to Fix It!  Book a Private Intensive or Join a Public Workshop Now with Your Team to Combat Rising Costs and Shrinking Margins!

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