The RareBrain Manifesto for Higher Profits Made Happier®

At RareBrain Institute, we believe in the power of

human energy as life's ultimate currency.

Our journey is founded on the belief that 

Each of Us is Rare, with a Single Precious Life to Lead.

We understand that when human energy encounters blockages, whether within individuals, teams, leaders, processes or organizations, the consequences ripple far beyond the surface. Workers' vitality is sapped, their potential curtailed, leading to depleted reserves. Meanwhile, employers bear the brunt of wasted payroll, drained by the inefficiencies born of a lack of insight into the true currency of life.


Fifteen years ago, we meticulously crafted a blueprint to address profit gaps and valuation leaks, focusing on organizational and stakeholder value creation. Our philosophy, 'Higher Profits Made Happier,' aims to remove wasted effort for a more fulfilling and prosperous future

We Recognize Only Two Types of Workforces: the Exhausted and Those Not Yet Exhausted


Our research shows that 20-50% of revenue is lost to wasted effort, leading to fatigue, reduced productivity, and morale decline. 

We confronted a troubling trend: organizations struggling with exhaustion, teams drained of vitality, and value creation becoming unsustainable. In 2012, our founder highlighted these insights in 'Exit Bomb,' revealing how they render 80% of small businesses unsalable and trap 70% of family businesses.


This crisis propelled us to redefine success, addressing the fundamental issue of wasted human effort.

Our mission is clear—to eliminate wasted effort, reigniting the energy of both profits and people. 

 It's a mission anchored in our vision of a future where organizations flourish, attaining greater profits while nurturing happier, more fulfilled teams.

This philosophy is deeply ingrained in our belief that sustainable value creation demands a comprehensive approach, one that prioritizes the well-being of individuals alongside the prosperity of organizations.

Unlock 6 Big Benefits by Streamlining Wasted Effort

Save Time

Multiply Impact 

By streamlining processes and focusing on what matters most.

By aligning your efforts with strategic drivers and levers.

Save Money

Achieve Goals Sooner

By eliminating inefficiencies and reducing unnecessary expenses.

By dismantling misconceptions and embracing proactive strategies. 

Save Effort

Increase Value

 By channeling your team's energy into high-impact activities.

By alignment, efficiency and risk reduction

RareBrain: Spinning Philosophy into Action

From the genesis of our philosophy to its implementation in workplaces today, RareBrain's journey spans 30 years, driven by our founder's quest: 'How can we achieve more by doing less with less?' This led to our 'Rare Brain Obsession' for efficiency. Our purpose at RareBrain Institute? To conserve human energy.

Two decades ago, we created rarebrainOS®, empowering organizations. Today, our expertise is woven into rarebrainOS. We empower organizations to adopt the 'Higher Profits Made Happier' philosophy, driving sustainable success.

Revitalize Your Company Now: Streamline Wasted Effort, Ignite Profits, Energize Teams

We help businesses, leaders and teams streamline effort to achieve easier. Let's work together to eliminate wasted effort, energize profits, and create happier, more fulfilled workplaces. Today, through our strategy, tools, products, and services, we empower organizations to weave the Higher Profits Made Happier philosophy into their DNA, driving sustainable success and creating a brighter future for all.

Imagine Reaching Goals Sooner, Stop Bleeding Money and Morale Now!

We've witnessed remarkable transformations in businesses, driven by the alignment of human energy with strategic goals. and you can too. Get started now.

Our Mission Is to Erase Wasted Effort in Workplaces to Reenergize People and Profits.

Wasted Effort Can Eat 20-50% of Revenue. Just Imagine a Day Where Little Gets Done. 

Our Strategy, Training, Coaching, and Tools Simplify Work, Accelerating Growth.

Transform Your Business with Our 'Higher Profits Made Happier' Approach. 

🛠️ How It Works:

Rethink Impact: View Your Business as a Living Organism

Identify and Fix Unnecessary Effort Leaks to Unleash Capacity

Empower Teams for More or Less: Implement Savings for Instant Impact

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Energize Your Success 

Unlock the Secrets to Higher Profits and Happier Workers

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