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Is entrepreneurship all you thought it would be?

Owning a business is supposed to be the direct path to an independent life.

In reality, nothing could be farther from the lived experience of many business owners.

The daily stress and loss of freedom are too often soul-crushing, overwhelming many aspects of daily life. 

Are you tired of the day-to-day grind?


The truth Is…


You don’t have to feel isolated, frustrated, or alone.

Entrepreneurs join the rarebrain-X community to create high-impact change in your business, supported by like-minded peers who’ve been where you are.

Is this you how you feel every day?

Trapped by the company you built.

Exhausted by stress & long work hours.

Cashflow (or lack of it) is always on your mind.

You remain responsible for a large percentage of company sales.

Trapped by the company you built.

There is too little time to spend with family and friends

Your company has outgrown its systems.

The business is reliant on you..

Life is passing you by.

Then you are not alone.

Whether you are seeking to scale more easily, work less, transfer, or sell their companies, the rarebrain-X community was created to help entrepreneurs set themselves free to live the life they want.

Spend Your Life Living

When you join 

you will have immediate access to valuable learning and resources:

Insights and discussions with leaders of companies across a spectrum of industries.

Coaching calls with our team and other members of the community.

Weekly accountability threads, where we set thinking objectives and hold each other accountable for following through on them

Exclusive monthly webinars and events hosted by the


Dozens of high value videos to help you scale & create value.

Learn what creates exit value in your company in 90 seconds.

Take Back Your Life

In addition,                          members gain preferred access to:

Assess and benchmark your company's readiness to sustain the freedom you desire.

Whether your goal is to scale more easily, work less, transition or sell, utilize our programs to achieve more freedom on your terms and timeline.

Scale Easier with 10X Impact

Work Less or Not at All

Transition to Insiders

Sell Companyfor Higher Value

Robust Toolsets give you the power and know-how to create more time, profit and valuation.

Join a cohort and create real change in your company, supported by powerful learning, tools and accountability.

And much, much more … with new stuff on the way

Live How You Want!

Why join 

Singular Purpose 

To create a world where entrepreneurs are free from their companies so they can do more (or less) in their lives.

Designed for Owner-Reliant Companies

rarebrain-X community is focused on the unique challenges faced by small-businesses with $1-50 Million in revenue.

rarebrain Operating System®

We are rarebrain institute, with decades of experience and tools to help you build a more scalable business that is transferable and salable.

Powerful Learning Paths

Whether you are looking to scale more easily, work less, transition or sell, utilize our programs to achieve more freedom on your terms and timeline.

Guidance & Support

We provide high impact learning, strategic insights, and interactions with like-minded peers that will inspire you to build a better business.

Are You Ready to Make the Changes That Will Drive Your Business Into the Future?

Then join the online community of business owners achieving freedom for themselves and benefits for their teams as they learn to scale more easily, work less, transfer, or sell their companies.

Learn to connect the right dots to create the right alignment in your business in 80 seconds.

Do Less (Or More) in Your Life.

Join like-minded peers to extract maximum time and value 
from your company.

RareBrain training, coaches, and products help entrepreneurs retire richer early by building more profitable companies that are more valuable and salable.

If you want to work less, replace yourself or sell your company, try our quick assessment to see how much time you can save and what stands in your way.


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