The RareBrain team has been involved in
transactions from a few million to a few hundred
million and is made up of veteran company builders,
buyers and sellers.

Meet the Team

  • Gower Idrees CM&AA®, CFP™, CEPA™ CEO, M&A and Growth Expert

    Nationally recognized growth and merger & acquisition expert, Gower is the author of the acclaimed book Exit Bomb®. He has diverse experience in operating, growing, and selling high growth companies.


    • Started, built and sold multiple businesses personally. Sold last company for 13X earnings.
    • Served as CEO of an actively managed private equity firm focused on undervalued companies.
    • Advised an underperforming industrial operation with a loss of $300,000 to $14 MM+ in EBITDA in 52 months. Sold Company for in excess $150MM.
    • Helped company in hospitality industry ramp up revenues from $15MM to $48MM in 36 months.
    • Involved in a myriad of client transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
    • Past president and board member of the Houston Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).
  • Jeff Jani M&A and Operations Expert

    Jeff has diverse experience in operating, growing, and divesting high growth companies with significant M&A and capital markets experience across a variety of sectors and industries.


    • Built and sold a technology company with nearly $100 million in revenues to Microsoft.
    • Helped Companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Well Point accelerate their busines strategies.
    • Created a leadership program that was accredited by Pepperdine University.
    • Helped launch a new operating division for Well Point.
    • Turned around a green technology company.
    • Developed a $100 miIIion family camp in Central California.
  • J. Roe Hitchcock M&A and Operations Expert

    Dynamic CEO/CFO with a Harvard Business School MBA and 27 years diverse experience in operating, growing, and divesting high growth companies up to $1.5 billion in revenue.


    • Completed 28 acquisitions with values of $25-$400 million.
    • Restructured a $250 million wholesaler.
    • Consolidated four manufacturers creating a $30 million company and subsequently divested to private equity.
    • Served as CFOto a $275 million regional wholesaler/retailer increasing EBITDA 79% year over year.
    • Negotiated and closed a $150 million equity capital round.
  • Harry R. Rozakis M&A and Operations Expert

    Extensive background as CEO, President, and Board Member of both publicly and privately held technology companies.


    • CEO of $200 million NASDAQ listed semiconductor company with operations in Hong Kong and Dongguan, China, with over 2,000 employees.
    • Led a 100% sales increase in 24 months with a 10x increase in share price.
    • Took Hyundai Electronics subsidiary Chip PAC from $60MM per year into a $300MM per year business in less than 18 months.
    • Significant experience working with the capital markets (debt & equity) including a $150 million capital raise.
  • Maurice Murphy M&A and Operations Expert

    CEO with deep international expertise and strong M&A and operational experience across a variety of sectors and industries.


    • Took an underperforming regional manufacturer, with $80 million in sales and grew it into a global $250 million business and subsequently divested the business for nearly 10x EBITDA.
    • Led a consolidation, with combined sales of $200 million and 13 factories in the US, UK, Europe and China, into a single cohesive business unit.
    • Took control of a loss-making business, which focused on the military and telecom markets, and transformed the business into a highly profitable growth business. Later sold the business to Tyco Electronics for 2.5 times revenues.
  • Jessica Abel Operations Expert

    Respected operations executive with 25 year track record of delivering results in the high growth technology sector.


    • Led high growth e-commerce company through a recapitalization and a subsequent sale over an 8 year period while driving exponential growth and high margins through new revenue streams and operational streamlining.
    • Brokered distribution deals with Fortune 500 internet media companies contributing to 8 figures in new revenues and channels.
    • Co-created one of the first entertainment virtual currency models in 1999, still in use today.
    • Created a performance infrastructure that sustained 40% EBITDA during market downturn.
  • CoralSage Walker-Dale Marketing Director

    CoralSage brings international experience in marketing, communications and social media to her role as marketing director at RareBrain.


    • Focused on continually increasing brand awareness and undertake strategic business development initiatives to help drive business results.
    • Daily oversight of social media, videos, blogs, company website and thought leadership content.
    • Monitors industry challenges and trends and provides business intelligence to the RareBrain team and clients.
    • Experience in biotech, policy, hospitality, consumer goods and development.
    • Astute researcher with a Master's in Public Policy from King's College London.

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