ExitBomb Workshop

The Exit Bomb Workshop is a must-attend for any business owner who plans to exit their company in the next 10 years and would like to do it for the maximum valuation possible.

This half-day Exit Bomb workshop shares the critical steps entrepreneurs must take to tactically clean up and optimize their companies, long before the sale, in order to increase business value. You will learn vital information to drive up your company sale price and reduce unnecessary future headaches and surprises.

The Exit Bomb workshop is a wake-up call
for business owners

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What the heck is the Exit Bomb®?

Discovered by Gower Idrees, and published in his acclaimed book “Exit Bomb”, the exit bomb lurks in almost eighty percent of businesses and is the reason why business owners won’t sell, can’t sell or sell their companies for pennies on the dollar.

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Trevor Graves
“Entrepreneurs become so engulfed in the success of their business they fail to plan for our eventual exit of that business...The Exit Bomb Program helps you set up a strategy for success rather than reacting to circumstances.”
Trevor Graves
Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)-Portland
Co-Founder / CEO Nemo Design

Exit Bomb® Workshop Contents

The typical length of our workshop is a half day and includes time for breaks and Q&A

What is the Exit Bomb®?

  • The 5 detonators that wreck a business owner's wealth.
  • Why 80% of companies don't sell.
  • The upcoming biggest business sell-off in history.
  • How your desire to sell can be a major value destroyer

How to Exit on Your Terms & Timeline?

  • Why so many entrepreneurs have failed exits.
  • The 5 exit timing factors.
  • How to avoid major post-sale surprises.
  • How to avoid paying up to 60% tax in a business sale.

What Increases Sale Value?

  • The 5 value transfers.
  • Entrepreneur vs. buyer value.
  • Difference between valuation vs. worth.
  • How to increase value without increasing revenue or profits.
  • How growth can hurt your valuation.

What Increases Risk?

  • The biggest deal-killers you need to know.
  • How to deal with risks in your company.
  • What will cost you big bucks at the closing table.
  • How companies unknowingly subsidize their own purchase price.

How to Tactically Clean Up Your Company

  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Working Capital

How to Maximize Sale Transaction

  • The hidden multiplier that can double sale price.
  • How/when to disclose issues within your company.
  • Shrewd buyer tactics that you should know
  • Optimizing your company’s existing cash before the sale.


Mark Simms
“The Exit Bomb Workshop™​ ​provided a very entertaining, pragmatic and in depth presentation on exit strategy surrounding the key pitfalls and deal killers or “explosions.” It wasn’t all warnings however, the workshop also revealed some powerful secrets to maximizing value and minimizing turbulence in a transaction. The workshop literally flew by with so much good content to chew upon that we will definitely have to calendar it back in the future. “
Mark Simms
Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)-Seattle
President/CEO, Fikes Products

About the Presenter

Gower Idrees

The Exit Bomb® Concept, Book, Methodology, Tools and Workshop were created by Gower Idrees, CM&AA®, CFP™, CEPA™, a nationally recognized M&A expert and CEO of Portland-based M&A firm RareBrain Capital.

He has started, built, acquired and divested many businesses personally. Over the past two decades, he’s been involved in a myriad of client transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has advised some of America’s fastest growing companies featured in Inc. 500, Fast 50 and others. Gower spent over a decade in Entrepreneur Organization (EO) and is the past president and board member of EO-Houston.

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