Case Studies

Featured Case Study: Security Signs

See How RareBrain Helped a Century-Old Business Reach New Heights

RareBrain worked with Portland’s premier custom sign manufacturer, Security Signs and its passionate management team on its quest for performance & growth acceleration and becoming one of the most efficient sign companies in the United States.

CLIENT RESULTS: “RareBrain's Impact on the Financials Was Insane...”
Case Study
Case Study: “They lit a fire under managers... they really listened... and speed and efficiency have skyrocketed...”

Look Inside the Engagement

  • Approach

    “Working with RareBrain it was sleeves rolled up…it was really fun”

    -Kevin Keljo, President and CEO Watch
  • Process

    “They worked with all department managers and brought financial awareness”

    -Dylan Martin, Sales Manager Watch
  • Change Management

    “Change can be difficult...RareBrain was wonderful with guidance and direction”

    -Dana Sevy, Accounting Manager Watch
  • Employee Experience

    “They didn’t feel like an outside consultant...
    It’s been really incredible”

    -Rochelle Letourneau, Project Manager Watch
  • Team & Morale

    “It’s been rewarding for all of us...Now there’s a tremendous feeling of teamwork ...”

    -Matt Allen, Production Manager Watch
  • Recommendations

    “I would absolutely recommend Rarebrain ... get ready to become more profitable”

    -Jennifer Ford, Creative Director Watch

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