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It is the future financial nightmare you are not planning for. Whatever your exit timeline, don't end up short of money and out of time like most entrepreneurs who can't sell their company or sell it for peanuts.
In fact:

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The Workshop helps entrepreneurs maximize value in their company's eventual sale by navigating value destroyers, deal killers & nasty surprises lurking inside most companies today. 

Whatever their exit timeline, the workshop provides entrepreneurs with a framework for understanding what they are doing wrong and how they can run their companies differently to avoid future traps and landmines. 

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Hear Exit Bomb author, Gower Idrees, talk about the five detonators that can set off the Exit Bomb.

Mark Simms

President/CEO, Fikes Products

Learning Chair

Entrepreneurs Organization -Seattle

Why Attend?

Learn the concepts, strategy and tactics to maximize company value from scale to sale.  You'll learn to navigate key traps and hidden elements that commonly sabotage future plans.

Discover the five detonators that make up the 
Exit Bomb. Navigating them successfully means A LOT more money, fewer headaches & surprises.

Watch out! Many entrepreneur misconceptions wreak havoc on all sorts of things when it's time to sell. 

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How you operate your business day-to-day can cost you dearly at sale time. We will show you why. Learn More

Are you ready for the biggest business sell-off in history? It’s coming. And it can cripple your company's value. Learn More

You’ll probably sell a business once in your lifetime. The typical buyer buys businesses often. We'll show you what can go wrong. Learn More 

You sold your business a few days ago. Then an email from the buyers lawyer says "you owe the buyer money..."

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Next, the workshop provides the path to dismantling the Exit Bomb

We will help clear up common
misconceptions that destroy the entrepreneurs financial plans and peace of mind. 

We'll share our tested framework for getting the maximum sale value one day for your company

You'll learn the critical steps to tactically clean up your business for a future sale transaction. 

You'll learn to drive up company value and optimize the business, long before the sale.

You will learn smart tactics to drive up your company's selling price.

Workshop Participants Are Also Provided With A Custom Report Red Flagging Their Company.

Whatever your eventual exit preference — scaling, working less, transition or sale — choose from one of several reports to assess your company's readiness to reach your desired destination.

Evaluate Your Business and gauge its ability to deliver the results you desire.

Discover Your Potential with scorecards that pinpoint areas for improvement.

Get Five Custom Scorecards to understand what actions are 

needed to reach your goals

No matter whether you plan to leave your company right away, ten years from now or never, you owe it to yourself to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

You will learn how to reduce unnecessary headaches and surprises to get through the sale transaction successfully. 

Field-tested with EO Members With Different Exit Goals

Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurs NOT ready to sell, as well as those that are.

Entrepreneurs without a crystal clear exit strategy.

Entrepreneurs looking to EXTRACT maximum profits & value from their companies. 

Entrepreneurs seeking to MINIMIZE unnecessary mistakes in their exit. 

Scale-to-Sale Case Study...

EO Member David Butler Started With An Exit Bomb Workshop....

Learn More About The Presenter

Gower Idrees, CM&AA®, CFP™, CEPA™

-CEO, RareBrain Institute | RareBrain M&A

-Author Exit Bomb® and Sell Company for 10X®

-Nationally Recognized Growth and M&A Expert

-Lifelong Entrepreneur | Past-President, EO-Houston

Over the past two decades, Gower has unlocked the code to help entrepreneurs make enough and get out earlier.

Here is why you will find his insights invaluable:

  • Has personally built and sold multiple companies, and knows full well the ground reality of what many entrepreneurs face.
  • Has "Scale" to "Sale' Business Expertise. He’s been involved in a myriad of transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Has amassed loads of valuable experience advising some of America’s fastest growing companies in EO, Inc. 5000, Fast 50 and others.

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The Exit Bomb Workshop helps you set up a strategy for success rather than reacting to circumstances. 

Entrepreneurs become so engulfed in the success of their business they fail to plan for their eventual exit of that business...”

– Trevor Graves

Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization


Co-Founder / CEO Nemo Design

Workshop Pricing Options

1.5 Hours

Get an overview of the framework needed to optimize your eventual exit.

Virtual - $3,990In-Person - $6,975

1.5 Hour Workshop:

You will Receive:

             5 Detonators Training

             Misconceptions Training 

             Exit Framework Overview 


Up to 60 Attendees

Excess Attendees: $100/pp

All Workshop Materials 

Custom Benchmarking Scorecards For Attendees 

5 Hours

Take a deep dive to optimize your business exit from 


Virtual - $9,950In-Person - $12,950

5 Hour Workshop:

You will Receive:

5 Detonators Training

Misconceptions Training

Exit Framework 

Company Clean up 

Value Acceleration

Driving up Multiples

Maximizing Sale  


Up to 60 Attendees

Excess Attendees: $150/pp

All Workshop Materials 

Custom Benchmarking Scorecards For Attendees 

3 Hours

Build a solid foundation to learn how to maximize your eventual exit. 

Virtual - $6,975In-Person - $9,950

3 Hour Workshop:

You will Receive:


Up to 60 Attendees

Excess Attendees: $125/pp

All Workshop Materials 

Custom Benchmarking Scorecards For Attendees 

           5 Detonators Training

           Misconceptions Training 

           Exit Framework 

          Company Clean up 

          Value Acceleration


Exit Bomb Book is available for purchase in increments of ten.  $20/book

Exit Bomb Book is available for purchase in increments of ten.  $20/book

Exit Bomb Book is available for purchase in increments of ten.  $20/book

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Read the book that will have you thinking about your company exit in an entirely new light.

Scale-to-Freedom Case Study...

EO Member Darren Fenn Started With An Exit Bomb Workshop....

Whether You Plan To Sell Your Company Now or Later, Save a Big Chunk Of Your Company's Value and Years of Extra Toil by Attending This Popular Training.

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