Don't Let a Bad Business Exit Blow Up Your Retirement!

The Exit Bomb Workshop Will Show You How To Fix The Missteps, Money Leaks & Booby Traps In Your Company NOW!

It is the future financial nightmare you are not planning for. Sell now or later, your business exit could be one big ugly surprise, but it doesn't have to be! Don't end up short of money like so many entrepreneurs.

Workshop Overview

Avoid Huge Mistakes NOW So You Can Retire Richer Early

You'll learn to MAXIMIZE value and MINIMIZE nasty future surprises in your company's eventual sale, and what could happen if you don't take action now.

This UNAPOLOGETICALLY Entrepreneur Focused Presentation will change your life forever!

Here's Why You CAN'T Afford To NOT Take This Training 

✔It doesn't matter if you want to stay in business for another 100 years or if you want to sell tomorrow, you owe it to yourself to achieve financial security and peace of mind. 

✔  When it's time to sell, you don't want surprises. The sooner you correct the mistakes you're making, the more money you'll make both now and later when you sell. 

✔  You'll never know how much money you're leaving on the table. Start protecting your financial future today by finding out for yourself.

Who This Training Is For? 

The Workshop is a MUST for entrepreneurs seeking to: 

✔  Prepare and sell their companies within 10 years. Or sooner.✔  Extract maximum profits, cash & value from their companies.
✔  Make their businesses worth more than their existing valuation✔  Improve the speed and certainty of a successful sale.
✔  Minimize the risk of getting screwed by shrewd buyers. 

Learn to sell your company wiser on your terms without worrying about hidden traps or future regrets.

Read The Critically Acclaimed Book 

Your company's eventual sale might seem far away, but it's never too early to plan for the future. Find out how to protect your financial future and retirement today.

You'll Be So Glad You Booked This Popular Training 

"Workshop revealed how to make the most of your exit and avoid future nightmares..."

"Training helps you set up your exit framework for success vs reacting to circumstances..."

Mark Simms

President/CEO, Fikes Products

Learning Chair

Entrepreneurs Organization -Seattle

Trevor Graves

Co-Founder / CEO Nemo Design

Learning Chair, 

Entrepreneurs Organization


Learning Roadmap

Here Is What You'll Learn  

The workshop teaches entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and create exponential exits earlier. Learn the concepts, strategy & tactics to maximize company value from scale to sale and avoid pitfalls that commonly sabotage future plans.

Get Schooled In The Exit Bomb To Walk Away Richer Early!

Dump Your Misconceptions Before They Cost You Millions!

Get The Tested Exit Framework So You Can Get Out Wiser!

Learn To Clean Up Your Company And Minimize Bad Surprises later!

We Will Show You How To Accelerate Value Quicker So You Can Exit Sooner

Find Out How To Drive Up Your Company's Selling Price

Learn To Get The Most For Your Business When It's Time To Sell Without Getting Screwed!

These scorecards can be the difference between a successful exit and one that fails. They will help you assess what may cause headaches, reduce company value or render your company unsaleable.



Scale-to-Sale Case Study...

EO Member David Butler Started With A Workshop....

Speaker Bio

From his early twenties when he joined Entrepreneurs Organization to nearly 3 decades later, Gower has had a rare brain obsession with how the heck does an entrepreneur exit richer years earlier?  He has studied it from every angle; exited himself several times, written books about it; worked with hundreds of companies; spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world - run multi-year scale-to-sale experiments with EO entrepreneurs in various stages, all in search for a way out that works better than anything else. 

Gower Idrees, CM&AA®, CFP™, CEPA™

-CEO, RareBrain Institute | RareBrain M&A

-Author Exit Bomb® and Sell Company for 10X®

-Nationally Recognized Growth and M&A Expert

-Lifelong Entrepreneur | Past-President, EO-Houston

Here is why you will find his insights invaluable:

  • Has personally built and sold multiple companies, and knows full well the ground reality of what many entrepreneurs face.
  • Has "Scale" to "Sale' Business Expertise. He’s been involved in a myriad of transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Has amassed loads of valuable experience advising some of America’s fastest growing companies in EO, Inc. 5000, Fast 50 and others.

Publication details

Workshop Pricing Options

Condensed Online Training

Full Day In-Person Workshop



*per person, 50 person minimum 

*per person, 50 person minimum 

You will Receive:

✔ 90- Minute Training

✔ Live Online Instruction

✔ Bulk Discount on Book Purchases 

You will Receive:

✔ 5-Hour Training

✔ In-Person Instruction
✔ Workshop Materials 

✔ Company Red Flagger Scorecards

✔ Bulk Discount on Book Purchases 

*Travel surcharges may apply based on location 

See What Attendees Say

Now or later, your business will only get sold once - so don't screw it up. 

Try Retiring Richer Early Instead!

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EO Member Darren Fenn Started With Workshop....

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