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Scale Easier & 10X Impact

Work Less or Not at All

Transition to Insiders

Sell Company for Big Bucks

Inspired By Our Founder's Acclaimed Book “Exit Bomb”, rarebrain programs are built on four pillars. 

Whether you are looking to scale easier, work less, transition or sell, achieve freedom on your terms and timeline by utilizing the program that best matches your needs.




Work Less-Focused 


Succession-Focused Leaders

Business Valuation or Sale Focused Leaders

Ideal For

Ideal For

Business Preparation 

& Value Enhancement 

Performance Improvement 

Reduce Reliance on Business Owners 

Succession & Transition




Operational Problems 

Capacity Constraints

Quality complaints 

Exhausted Owners


Ineffective Systems 

Continuity Concerns

Succession Problems

Financial Constraints

Valuation Concerns

Working Capital

Retirement Needs

Common Issues

Common Issues

Scale Easier and 10X Impact

Work Less or Not At All 

Transition or Sell to Insiders 

Sell Company For Maximum Value 

Why Join

Why Join

How Will You Define Success?




Darren Fenn

Justin Riordan

David Butler

CEO, Upsource

CEO, Spade Archer

Ex-owner, Easy Media

+200% MARGINS  


Jon Macdonald

Jeremy Parker

CEO, The Good Group

CEO, Oregon Induction

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Achieve "More Freedom" From Your Business 

 Which pathway best fits your life stage?

Scale Easier and 10X Impact
Work Less or Not At All Transition to Insiders
Sell Your Company

Get There Easier By Benchmarking Your Company in Just 10 Minutes

You Will Receive:

Company Capacity Scores so you can get better insight into your company.

Benchmarking Scorecards to help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

Custom Action Plan to help you start prioritizing what matters. 


👍 Free for Overworked Entrepreneurs


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rarebrain is a coaching and training company fueled by a decades old “rare brain obsession” to free overworked entrepreneurs from their companies, so they can spend more of their life living.

Whether you are looking to scale easier, work less or not at all, transition to insiders or sell for the right price, utilize one of our learning programs to achieve more freedom successfully on your terms and timeline.

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