Quarterly Management Planning Offsite

Align your team, navigate hurdles and
improve execution

Whether your company is suffering from poor performance,
misaligned priorities or other execution issues, our quarterly
management planning offsite keeps your leadership team connected
and focused on the right priorities.

Each quarterly management planning offsite begins by isolating your current business stage, previously set targets and benchmarks (if applicable), market position, business opportunities and hurdles among other considerations.

We then conduct a review of your team’s strategic alignment by helping ensure a clear company vision, company purpose, core values and other cultural factors.

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Next we focus your team on creating and/or refining a planning blueprint incorporating on-the-ground realities that are currently hindering your company’s momentum.

We help evaluate the hindrances and then assist your leadership team in making go-forward strategic decisions as necessary.

Workarounds around hurdles are identified. Clear future goals and targets are created. Initiatives, activities, milestones and drivers are established or updated to create “tactical business alignment”. This increases day-to-day accountability which is essential to creating and sustaining a successful quarterly performance rhythm.

Featured Insight: Why Management Retreats Fail

Quarterly Management Planning Offsite Details

1-2 Days
Align Team, Maintain Performance Rhythm, Navigate Business Hurdles, Make Strategic Decisions etc.
Retreat moderator/s + Client team
Number of people:
4 - 20+
Conducted in up to 5 phases
  1. Pre-meeting surveys and/or interviews
  2. Formal assessment (optional)
  3. Retreat Day/s
  4. Deliverable (optional)
  5. Implementation Support (optional)
  1. Pre-meeting surveys and/or interviews
  2. Formal assessment (optional)
  3. Retreat Day/s
  4. Deliverable (optional)
  5. Implementation Support (optional)
Deliverable Type:
Custom (varies by client objective)
Off-site or on-site
Flat fee based on phases, participants & location

RareBrain's quarterly management planning offsite
enables tactical company alignment, where vision, strategy,
goals, priorities, initiatives, milestones and accountabilities
are synchronized, giving companies a significant
performance advantage.

  • Plan

    Clarify Vision & Goals

    Renew Commitment

  • Collaborate

    Define Priorities

    Align Actions & People

  • Navigate

    Make Strategic

    Deal with Obstacles

Our clients average 10-30X hard dollar return on their investment

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  • The 6 phases of our proprietary Meeting Circle methodology.
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