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We sell profitable companies with a sale price
between $5-$250 Million

Getting maximum value for your company is about the right preparation, the
right buyer network, knowing what sells, and how to sell it.

We do just that.

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The RareBrain team has been involved in sale transactions from a few million to a few hundred million and is made up of veteran company builders, buyers and sellers.

Our proprietary Exit Bomb methodology is used to systematically and quickly prepare your company for sale.

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Our smart representation tactics and broad network of buyers gets your company sold for the maximum possible.

Benefit from our deep access to global capital markets. We are a member of the Alliance of M&A Advisors®.

The Alliance is the world’s leading network of middle-market Merger & Acquisition professionals. With more than 1,000 firms located in 25+ countries around the world,
members offer unparalleled global reach and access to expertise in investment banking,
accounting, finance, valuation, tax, law, and due diligence.

Our full range of sell-side services include: Business buyers are shrewd. They will use dozens of factors to try and lower the purchase price for your company. Leverage our network and expertise to minimize nosebleeds from smart buyers and get the highest sale price for your life's work.

See how we drive up your company sale price

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Get Free Exit Strategy Session
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