Exit Bomb: Why 80% of Companies Don’t Sell and What to Do About it


This seminar was presented to the World Sign Associates meeting in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Eight Out of Ten Businesses Listed for Sale Won’t Sell. Will Yours?

Not unless you defuse that bomb attached to the exit sign. Open the door and BOOM! A big chunk of your wealth is blown to bits. It is the business owner’s biggest hazard – and it’s called the “EXIT BOMB®” .

The Exit Bomb® phenomenon is entirely voluntary. Yet 80% of business owners choose this path of destruction when they sell their company. This session explains the “Who, What, When, Where & Why” of how business owners cannot maximize their value when selling their businesses (if they can sell at all). This session is designed for the business owner that wants to increase exit value and not leave a significant chunk of their wealth on the table when they eventually sell their company. Whether you intend to exit in the near term or in 10 years, this session will make you think of your business in an entirely new light and likely will have you making serious changes in your business.

This presentation explores the key elements of the Exit Bomb® and the techniques needed to defuse it. It discusses the critical steps entrepreneurs must take to tactically clean up and optimize their companies in order to avoid business wealth destruction. It includes vital information to potentially drive up your purchase price and reduce unnecessary headaches and surprises.


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