Masterclass: How to Build a Business that Runs Without You


This session was presented to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Portland Chapter.

Many entrepreneurs have companies that cannot operate without them.  This can make them feel trapped and overwhelmed. This action packed 60-minute session will help you understand the key variables needed in your company so it can begin to operate without you, including but not limited to:

    1. Adjusting your ownership mindset, so you can start breaking free of business owner “trap” zones.
    2. The four redefinitions that every business owner must undergo, if they ever hope to reduce owner reliance in their company.
    3. Clarifying your role & measuring your personal impact, so you can stop spinning your wheels.
    4. Ten key insights into making your company more scalable while making growth easier.
    5. The key actions needed to reduce your company’s reliance on “YOU”. 

EO Members: To receive a free online assessment along-with a comprehensive report that analyzes the strengths & weaknesses of their company performance, providing a customized action plan to elevate company growth and scalability, click here.

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