Masterclass: Rethinking the “How” of Growth with Systems Thinking

This masterclass was presented to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Portland Chapter.

As an entrepreneur, if you are motivated by the notion of building a “scalable company”, then after this session you will view your company in a whole new way from a systems perspective, what is called systems thinking.

Every business runs on thinking. Yet we play little attention to the mental models (both our own and those of employees) that shape and structure our thinking, which keeps us experiencing the same recurring frustrations and barriers with little to no improvement.

In this fast-paced masterclass, you will:

    1. Find yourself rethinking the “how of growth” because it is so much more than just setting goals and taking action.
    2. Learn the 3 mental models that are essential to scalable growth.
    3. Uncover the formula to keeping pace with your company’s growth.
    4. Discover how scalable companies get rid of systems blindness, which if not corrected can make growth so much harder.
    5. The framework needed to systemize your company and reduce reliance on “YOU”. 

Free Assessment: To receive a free online assessment along-with a comprehensive report that analyzes the strengths & weaknesses of your company performance, providing a customized action plan to elevate company growth and scalability, click here.

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