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How many hours a week do you really want to work?

Whether you want to work less, scale, transfer or sell,
a self-sustaining company will help get you there.

What keeps you up at night?

Do you feel trapped
in your company?
Are you exhausted by
stress and long work hours?
Is cashflow (or the lack of it)
all you think about?
Are you responsible for a large
percentage of company sales?
Are you spending as much time as
you want with family and friends?
Are you constantly
balancing sales with capacity?
Has your company
outgrown its systems?

Win back your freedom by building a self-sustaining company that is not built around you.

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rarebrainOS helps you build a scalable self-sustaining small business.

The rarebrain Operating System® (rbOS) is a step-by-step method that teaches owners and teams how to build a scalable self-sustaining small business.

Clarify objectives and formulate path forward
Module 1: Assess Company
Assess & benchmark your company stage.
Module 2: Breakdown Misconceptions
Dismantle mental conditioning that keeps you trapped in your own company.
Module 3: Achieve Total Clarity
Clarify what you want personally and how your business will get you there.
Module 4: Align Everyone
Map all stakeholders needs and conflicts to align interests and get everyone on the same page.
Expand operational capacity of your company
Module 5: Create System of Systems
Design a holistic master system that directly impacts the productivity and performance of nearly every aspect of your organization.
Module 6: Build Workflows
Visualize and map your workflows so you peel away complexity and focus on the processes at the heart of your company.
Module 7: Design Smarter Processes
Design friendlier systems and processes using a human-centered approach focused on usability and adoption
Module 8: Map out the Controls
Learn to create intelligent controls and safeguards that reduce costly mistakes and unintended disruptions.
Connect company for scalable performance
Module 9: Link for performance
Create a map that connects an employee’s job to clear goals, actions, accountabilities and incentives.
Module 10: Visualize What Matters
Identify information that matters and make it actionable to get desired results.
Module 11: Build continual Rhythms
Create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly rhythms to ensure continual progress.
Module 12: Manage the rollout
Implement and manage the change in your organization. Make the change process in your company smooth and minimize disruptive elements.
Work less, transition out or sell your company
Module 13: Create lifestyle Framework
Learn how to create the framework needed to manage your company so you can work less, transition out, or sell
Module 14: Enhance Valuation
Learn how to enhance your company valuation by reducing risks and improving operating performance.
Module 15: Get Ready for Due Diligence
Learn how to prepare your company for due diligence
Module 16: Navigate the sale transaction
Learn to navigate the sale transaction for an optimal outcome

Coaching Roadmap

The coaching roadmap is based on the rarebrain Operating System® (rbOS),
a step-by-step method that teaches entrepreneurs and managers to build
a scalable self-sustaining business.

Transform your company in multiple phases. Each phase is made up
of a unique roadmap, training and tools that have been specially
designed by our experts.

Tactical Owner

I am stuck in the entrepreneurial dumpster

Tactical Manager

I am stuck in the managerial whirlpool
Formulate Path Forward
Watch how Emerge planned for 10X growth
You will benchmark your company stage, dismantle misconceptions, achieve total clarity and align everyone for the right path forward.
Expand operational capacity
Watch how Kevin transformed his company
You will create your company master system, clarify workflows, and build the systems and processes needed to expand the capacity of your company.
Link for scalable growth
Watch how Jeremy got out of day-to-day operations
You will increase visibility, build routines for day-to-day alignment and create the accountability needed to transform your company.
Manage the Framework
Watch how Darin works a lot less
You will prepare the company for lowered owner-reliance by creating the framework needed to manage red flags, exceptions, iterations and corrective actions.

Freed-Up Owner

I work when I want
or I don't work

Empowered Manager

I deliver consistent
Ensure Business Continuity
Watch how David gained his freedom
Whether you want to work less, transition-out, transfer or sell your company, you will ready your company for enhanced valuation, due diligence and the eventual sale or transfer of your company.

Rare Brain Business

Our Company is ready for whatever is next

Whether you want to work less, scale, transfer or sell, set your goal
and we’ll help you reach it

Built for entrepreneurs and their leadership teams

What will rarebrain Coaching do for my company?

Business Owners

GET OUT of the day-to-day operations

Leadership Teams

DIG OUT of the managerial dumpster


DO MORE with LESS effort

The Business


Transform Your Business into a Self-sustaining Company

Group Coaching for Business Owners

Interact with diverse group of entrepreneurs supported by carefully sequenced group learning, team activities, action plans, tools, accountability and support

Private Coaching for Owners and Teams

We help owners and teams establish goals and action plans. Working as a team, you’ll create accountability as you learn, collaborate, design and implement the changes you need

With rarebrain coaching, you will ensure progress toward becoming a scalable self-sustaining business.

What is My Investment? Choose a plan:

Group Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Interact with a diverse group of entrepreneurs supported by online group coaching, tools & support.
By waitlist only.


Per month


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You will have:

  • 2 online group coaching sessions / month
  • Online office hours for support
  • rarebrainOS Business Tools
  • Proprietary Learning Materials

Your coach will:

  • Help you assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Select training tailored to your coaching cohort
  • Provide carefully sequenced online group exercises and individual activities
  • Assign company-focused projects to enable real time change
  • Hold you accountable to reach your goals

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Private Coaching for Owners and Teams

Ideal for owners, managers or leadership teams. Create a scalable self-sustaining small business with private coaching and accountability.


Per month

How many people?


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You will have:

  • 2 private online coaching sessions / month
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • rarebrainOS Business Tools
  • Proprietary Learning Materials

Your coach will:

  • Help you assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Help you define your vision, goals and objectives
  • Help you develop & prioritize action plans with milestones and timelines
  • Provide coaching tailored to your organization.
  • Hold you accountable to reach your goals

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Invest in a thriving, self-sustaining business that protects employees and shareholders alike.

Not only do empowered teams bring more purpose, prosperity and longevity
to the workplace, the business has a higher value

“Implementing rarebrain methodology allowed us to scale our systems and processes to cope with our significant multi-unit expansion, and to stay focused and aligned as a team. The rarebrain operating system has really allowed us to fine tune our business model, improve revenues, margins and create a path to sustainable growth.”

Ana Chaud, CEO

Garden Bar


  • Who is rarebrain?

    At rarebrain, we coach, train and advise entrepreneurs so they can systemize, scale or sell their companies, to achieve the freedom & prosperity they always imagined.

  • What is the rarebrain operating system?

    rarebrain Operating System (rbOS) is a proven method that helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams build a more valuable small business that is systemized, salable and transferable. Click here to learn more.

  • Why does rarebrain exist?

    Systems will set you free. Exhausted by stress and endless hours of work, we teach owners that their business can be re-designed to operate without relying solely on them. Rarebrain training, coaching and services exist to set business owners free from their company.

  • Why type of coaching packages do you offer?

    We offer individual and group coaching plans. Please click here for more details.

  • Where does coaching take place?

    Everything is online — no travel is required. We use zoom video conferencing for coaching sessions.