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Creating Circuitry in Your Company

In this video we will show you how we connect the dots in companies to create top-down alignment so you can improve performance.


Let’s start with your Vision. Your vision is the foundation to create your strategy.

We break down your strategy into goals, which are then broken into priorities, which are further broken down into initiatives. Initiatives are then broken into tasks. Tasks lead to performance standards. Performance standards lead to employee accountabilities which are measured using Key Performance Indicators and the right performance is rewarded with the right variable compensation. If something breaks down or is not working as intended the whole cycle is iterated for continual improvement.

To drive the right results, goals have defined Critical Success factors that link to the right accountabilities, metrics and incentive compensation to ensure there is top down alignment on what matters most to driving results.


So, here is the punchline:  whether you need strategic alignment which can encompass defining your vision, core values and company purpose, or require tactical day-to-day alignment like I have just shared with you, leverage our time tested expertise to drive results in your company.

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