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Masterclass: Improving Gross Margins in the Sign Industry, WSA Presentation September ’17





This session was presented to the WSA meeting in September, 2017, in Seattle. It details how to reduce production costs to improve gross margins.

This session will show you:
1.    Techniques used in lean manufacturing and how to apply them to the custom nature of sign manufacturing.

2.    The “3 main silos” where sign margins are lost.

3.    The “8 areas of margin waste” which keeps most sign companies from maximizing their profit potential.

4.    Examples of waste that plagues sign company profit & loss statements.

5.    What steps to take to start improving profitability in your sign company immediately.

Presented by:
Gower Idrees, CM&AA®, CFP™, CEPA™
CEO, RareBrain Capital, LP

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