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1 to 5 Years Before Your Business Exit: What You Should Be Doing NOW To Maximize Your Sale Value

Whether you intend to sell your company next year or five years from now, this webinar is an easy and crucial step to ensuring you don’t leave money on the table whenever you decide to exit.

In this quick session our CEO, Gower Idrees, will show you:  

  1. The top 10 destroyers of your business value. Plus the biggest destroyer that dwarfs the rest.
  2. How to optimize your working capital to avoid nasty and very expensive surprises.
  3. How to structure your company to avoid paying 60%+ tax in that future business sale.
  4. What will cost you big bucks at the closing table so you might as well deal with it years prior.
  5. How most business owners accidentally subsidize the purchase price of their company. Hint: Employees
  6. The 5 exit timing factors and how to know if the time is right to exit.

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