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Masterclass: Creating a Performance Framework That Connects People, Metrics, Accountabilities and Compensation


Companies don’t hit their top line and bottom line targets because they lack the right performance framework.

They often track the wrong metrics (if they track any at all) and almost never connect the right metrics with employee accountabilities and compensation. To make matters worse, many of these metrics don’t create intrinsic value in the company and are difficult to track.

So what should you track? And how do you create a performance framework that connects the dots and improves results? Attend the webinar and in a quick 45 minute session, we will show you:

  1. Why most metrics don’t create value.
  2. How to identify metrics that actually move the needle in your company.
  3. How to segment metrics into multiple classes.
  4. How to organize metrics in a “Value Creation” context to immediately start improving performance.  
  5. How the right metrics can dramatically impact your exit valuation.
  6. How to de-hassle employee accountabilities and actually tie them to the right metrics.
  7. How to connect metrics and accountabilities with variable employee compensation.

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