Years Earlier Mindset®

Why Years Earlier Mindset®

At RareBrain Institute, we firmly believe in the power of human energy as life's ultimate currency. We've seen how misaligned energy can lead to fatigue, reduced productivity, and missed opportunities over the years. This misalignment doesn't just affect individuals but also drains employers, causing payroll inefficiencies. Fueled by this understanding, we set out to create a transformative solution – the Years Earlier Mindset®. This potent framework empowers individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations to harness human energy effectively, achieving outcomes years ahead of schedule. Join us on this transformative journey.

Years Earlier Mindset® –Your Path to Unleashing Energy

Years Earlier Mindset® represents the belief that with the right approach, individuals and businesses can achieve their goals and make a significant impact years ahead of schedule. It's about breaking free from the status quo and realizing your organization's full potential sooner.

Save Time

Multiply Impact 

By streamlining processes and focusing on what matters most. 

By aligning your efforts with strategic drivers and levers.

Save Money

Achieve Goals Sooner

By eliminating inefficiencies and reducing unnecessary expenses.

By rejecting a "years later" strategy by default.

Save Effort

Increase Value

 By channeling your team's energy into high-impact activities.

By fostering a culture of alignment and efficiency.

Thinking, Doing, and Being With the Years Earlier Mindset®


Reimagine your approach to strategy, business models, pricing, and waste, achieving outcomes years earlier.

Example: A company transformed its pricing strategy to boost profits by 30% within a year.


Execute with energy-focused precision, optimizing your capacity and achieving goals earlier.

Example: A team streamlined their workflow, completing projects 20% faster.


Manage energy flow, ensure smooth execution, and proactively align with energetic fluctuations.

Example: A leader kept their team productive during challenging times, resulting in consistent growth.

Don't Let the Burden of Misaligned Human Energy Continue to Drain Your Potential, Productivity, and Profits. 

At RareBrain Institute, we've honed the art of the Years Earlier Mindset® over three decades. Our RareBrain Operating System® (rarebrainOS) is the culmination of this journey, designed to empower you with the tools and strategies needed to achieve Years Earlier Outcomes. Our Years Earlier Transformation Suite®, which includes YES (Years Earlier Strategy®), YEP (Years Earlier Planning®), YEA (Years Earlier Activation®), and the NOW Tools, is the embodiment of this mindset in action.









Imagine Reaching Your Goals Years Before You Thought Possible

We Help Companies Unlock Hidden Profits and Potential by Blueprinting Wasted Effort and Fixing Payroll Leaks, Operational Waste, and Execution Drain

—Leading to Happy Humans.

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