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Fueled by Passion, Driven by Obsession: 

A 30-Year Journey to Years Earlier Outcomes 

30 Years Ago

The Genesis: A Quest for Accelerated Impact

In a world where businesses wrestle with the weight of exhaustion and outcomes, a young entrepreneur dared to ask a transformative question.

How Can We Achieve Outcomes Years Earlier with Less Energy?

Thus, the "Rare Brain Obsession" was born—an unwavering dedication that would ultimately lay the foundation for the birth of the RareBrain Institute.

20 Years Ago

The Creation of rarebrainOS®

Embracing the "Years Earlier Mindset," we set out on a collaborative journey to create rarebrainOS®—a visionary strategic planning system that empowers leaders and teams across industries and growth stages to optimize human energy, and align strategies for accelerated impact, ultimately leading to Years Earlier Outcomes.

15 Years Ago

Crafting the Blueprint For Organizational and Stakeholder Value

We built a comprehensive organizational and stakeholder value blueprint through in-depth research across lifecycle stages. This revealed the gap between aspirations and achievements, aligning with the development of the Years Earlier Transformation (YET) Suite®. 

In 2012, these insights came to life in our founder's groundbreaking book, "Exit Bomb."

10 Years Ago

Crafting the Years Earlier TransformationSuite®

By tapping into the creativity of innovative thinkers, the determination of teams, and the wisdom of industry experts, we evolved the Years Earlier Transformation Suite, which includes YES (Years Earlier Strategy®), YEP (Years Earlier Planning®), YEA (Years Earlier Activation®), and the NOW Tools.

The proof lies in our multi-year case studies—These videos showcase real transformations, underscoring the pledge of consistent, lasting results.


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Why expend endless hours and energy when there's a swifter path?Unlock the power of RareBrain and pave your way to Years Earlier Outcomes. 


We Help Companies See, Map, and Fix Payroll Leaks and Operational Waste To Achieve Business Outcomes Years Earlier. 

Use our Immediate Impact Strategists, rarebrainOS®, Years Earlier Transformation Suite®, and NOW Toolsets® to Cut Waste, Enhance Margins, and Expand Capacity.

🛠️ Here's how it works:

1. Visualize the Waste.

2. Map the Leaks and Drivers.

3. Activate the Savings for Results Years Earlier

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