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Step into a world where human energy, strategic planning, and activation unite to supercharge your journey with rarebrain's Years Earlier Transformation process.

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Transform Your Strategy

Achieve Years Earlier Outcomes

Years Earlier Transformation Suite® Unveiled: 

At RareBrain Institute, we've meticulously crafted a seamless, interconnected process and action suite that empowers you to effectively unlock Years Earlier Outcomes.

Our approach is a symphony of strategic phases and tools, each harmonizing with the others, culminating in accelerated success. 

Here's how it all comes together:

1. Pre-X/N - Define Your Goals and Timeframe

Your journey commences with Pre-X/N. Here, you define your goals (X) and the timeframe (N) within which you aim to achieve them. This initial phase sets the stage for the rest of the process, providing a clear target for your Years Earlier Transformation.

2. YEN - Cultivate the Years Earlier Now Mindset 

Before diving into strategy, it's essential to cultivate the Years Earlier Mindset Now. This phase focuses on rewiring your thinking patterns, embracing core beliefs that align with Years Earlier Outcomes, and fostering a culture of proactive action and efficiency.











3. YES - Craft Your Years Earlier Strategy®

With your mindset primed for success, it's time to craft your Years Earlier Strategy (YES). This isn't just a run-of-the-mill plan—it's a comprehensive blueprint for aligning your organization's energy and resources with your goals. YES is the heart of your Years Earlier transformation.

4. YEP - Tailor Your Years Earlier Planning®

Once your Years Earlier Strategy is mapped, we dive into Years Earlier Planning (YEP). This phase tailors your strategic planning to your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of your organization is aligned with your Years Earlier Strategy. YEP is where the finer details are fine-tuned.



5. YEH - Cultivate Years Earlier Habits®

A critical aspect of Years Earlier Outcomes is cultivating the right habits. YEH (Years Earlier Habits) focuses on embedding habits aligned with your goals. These habits drive consistent, goal-oriented behaviors that sustain your success journey.

6. YEA - Propel Your Plans with Years Earlier Activation®

With your strategy and habits in place, it's time to activate. YEA (Years Earlier Action) bridges the gap between planning and execution. It propels you toward your goals, ensuring that your strategy translates into impactful action.



5. NOW TOOLSETSLeverage Our Strategic Toolsets

Throughout your YEO journey, you have access to our NOW Tools. These strategic toolsets are tailored to each YEO phase, addressing specific challenges, and accelerating your progress. From optimizing financial energy to streamlining operations, NOW Tools are your trusted companions.

How It Works




Rethink Your Company As a Flow Of Energy

Map Your Years Earlier Strategy® 

Activate Your Years Earlier Plans® 


Elevate Productivity, Preserve Energy, Achieve Financial Harmony

Witness the results of a multi-year partnership within a century-old company, where energy and strategy converge for accelerated outcomes

End the struggle and reduce stress. Unlock results years earlier.

Halt the Wheel-Spinning Effort-Draining Cycle

Years Earlier Transformation Suite® seamlessly integrates with rarebrainOS®, our human energy-driven strategic planning system, to supercharge your journey to Years Earlier Outcomes.

Experience enhanced efficiency and alignment for accelerated impact."

More Cash and Higher Revenues

Higher Margins and Profits

Build a Happier Workforce

Put an End to Time and Energy Drain. Ignite Your Business's Genuine Potential

Don't Allow Misalignments, Financial Drainage, and Squandered Human Energy to Steal Away Your Years of Prosperity

Businesses like yours are losing 20-50% of revenue to wasted effort.

Millions of dollars and years of human life are hemorrhaged due to work days where little progress is made, leading to depleted profits and people.

Liberate your team by reducing wasted effort in 10 key areas of your company. 

Our strategic advice, training, coaching, and tools help you cut through the noise, streamline operations, increase impact, and foster happier workforces.

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