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Here is Why You Are Losing 20%-50% of Revenue to Wasted Effort

Labor + Operations Costs = 80+% Budget

80+% of Work = NO Value

20% of Work = 80% Value

Avg. Worker Wastes 5 Hrs 37mins Daily

How About Your Percentage?

 How's Your Company Faring?

What About Your Business?

Uncover Profit Leaks and Boost Team Happiness! ! Blueprint Where Your Business Is Leaking Effort, How Much, and Why – Before It's Too Late.

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3 Ways to Find, Fix Effort Leaks, and Save Now!

Public Workshops 

Private Intensives 

Quick-Track  Blueprints

For Individuals & Small Teams

Guided Blueprinting For Teams

Done-For-You Blueprints for Orgs

1-Day Live Online 
From $1628 per person

1-5 Day Online/OnsiteFrom $2500/person, 5 Min

White Glove ServiceStarting from $25,000

You Can't Afford Payroll leaks and Wasted Impact If Your Company Faces These Challenges:

Declining Margins 

Competitive Pressures

Exhausted Workers

Increasing Costs

Resource Wastage

Performance Issues

Cashflow/Budget Stress 

Ops or Capacity Issues

Customer Attrition

Wasting money hurts, especially when it's your hard-earned cash lost to inefficiencies and operational waste. It's a hidden resource drain, but you can change that.

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Happier Humans

By blueprinting leaks, you'll create a more efficient and less frustrating work environment, boosting employee morale and customer satisfaction

Increased Capacity

Identifying and eliminating operational inefficiencies helps your organization handle more work without added costs.

Higher Revenue & Profits

A streamlined operation with fewer leaks means you'll enjoy greater profits by capturing more revenue

More Cash and Less Debt

Increase your cash reserves, decrease capital expenditures, and expedite debt repayment for a more secure future.

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Gain Clarity: Our Immediate Impact strategists help you pinpoint effort drain by reimagining your organization as an efficient flow, exposing waste and leaks

Craft Your Strategy: With our Years Earlier Transformation Suite®, we guide you in mapping your path to success, planning your actions, and cultivating winning habits to unlock savings

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Waiting means losing money to inefficiencies, misaligned strategies, and operational waste and exhausted humans
Our blueprints help you address these issues promptly, achieving faster results, reducing financial stress, and improving your bottom line. Take action now to unlock your hidden profits.

We help leaders, businesses, teams, and shareholders find their flow by cutting wasted effort, freeing them to do more or less. We coined it "Higher Profits made Happier."

Our training, coaching, and tools make it simple for you to identify unnecessary effort, fix flow, and

make your organization more scalable and valuable sooner. Transform your workplace with our programs.

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1. See Your Business as a Living Organism

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3. Implement the Savings to Create Instant Impact

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